Anti-Gravity Invisi Case™ - Magnetic and Private

$14.95 $24.99

Did you know?

74% of iPhone users will end up cracking their phone and spending over $100 to fix their screen. With the our Anti-Gravity Invisi Case, you can prevent your screen from cracking for a fraction of the cost.

Remove that Bubbled-Up Screen Protector

The Invisi Case eliminates the need for a screen protector by replacing it with protection that's meant to last. With the sound of a Snap, your entire front screen will be covered by nano-coated tempered glass cornered and cushioned by military grade aluminum edges. This eliminates the need for bubbly, dirty, and ineffective screen protectors.

Keep your Phone Life Private

The Invisi Case not only integrates full, 360º phone protection, but it also keeps your phone life protected. Using industrial-grade 3M Privacy film, we were able to integrate a fadeless and unnoticeable privacy screen. 

The privacy film eliminates all light emitted from your phone at any degree steeper than 45º. Every time that anyone attempts to peek at your phone, they will be blocked by our privacy protector!

360º Protection for your Phone and Privacy

Secure Magnets, supports wireless charging, and more

The Invisi Case holds itself together by using industrial-grade magnets that prevent the case from ever accidentally opening up. The magnets are safe for your phone so they don't interrupt any Wi-Fi/Data signals or credit cards. The magnets have no effect to wireless charging so you're able to charge on the go.


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